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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party Ideas: Top Chef Potluck

I got an email last week from a friend (who lives in DC) telling me about her Top Chef Potluck Challenge party.  How amazing is this season?!? This party is SUCH a fun idea and I would love to do it.  But I don’t think I have enough friends who enjoy cooking haha!  

Seema asked me for some decorating ideas and immediately my mind was racing!  Within a few hours I sent her five pages worth of ideas.  I was so excited for her party and I was nowhere near it! She wasn’t able to incorporate all my ideas because she is a busy lawyer lady, but here are pictures of the super cute decorations that she included and party details as told by Seema…
Each guest was responsible for a dish or two.  A few people don't cook, so instead they were in charge of judging the competition.  And by judging, I mean bringing alcohol.
To start the party, we had a quick fire challenge: create a cocktail using anything in my kitchen.  We all drew knives (numbered 1 through 4, and two of each number).  Rather than be paired up with the matching number, you went head to head with that person.  The winners of each round were eligible for the big quick fire win!  Each round lasted 10 minutes and the rounds were going even while we were cooking. 
After appetizers, entrees, veggies and dessert, the winners of the quick fire challenge were announced, as were the worst and top dishes. I love the prizes!  

Quick fire:  $10 gift certificate to Whole Foods
Elimination challenge:  Swanson's broth, Gladware products, Terlato wine, and a copy of Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential

The winning dishes:
♦ Antonia's mussels from this season
♦ Dale's cookies from this season
♦ Michael Voltaggio's braised pork belly with soy-mustard sauce and peanuts
The bottom, wah wah:
♦ Marcel's curried lamb chops
♦ Kenny's hot and sour curried eggplant

Here are some other Top Chef Party ideas that came to my mind:
♦ Knife Block ♦ Steam ♦ Flames ♦ Cookbooks ♦ Timer ♦ Restaurant wars ♦ Aspen
♦White chef coats/aprons ♦ Pantry items ♦

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Anonymous said...

Mindy, thanks again for your suggestions! You are so creative!

claire said...

Now this is my kind of party! I'm a big fan of Top Chef and I can so relate with all your lovely party details! :)

Lili said...

mindy, can i share this party to my readers? i am a BIG top chef fan and this is so much fun!