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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Party!

Halloween would be incomplete without some jack-o-lanterns.  Agatha started the pumpkin carving party tradition a few years ago and we decided to host this time.  Apparently sweatpants are unaccepptable attire being the hostess, whoops!

The night before, I wanted to make some cute Halloween treats for our pumpkin carving party.  I guess there are certain expectations for Mama Stuart, since it was shocking that I wouldn’t make something from scratch or use the pumpkin seeds for something else (I just don’t like how pumpkin seeds taste!).  Since it was a weeknight, I took the easy way out and baked cupcakes out of a box and bought frosting out of a can.  I wanted to create something like these, but I discovered that cake/cupcake decorating is not my forte. I should take the Wilton cake decorating class.  Maybe it was the “creamy” type frosting I bought or the heat blowing over the cupcakes, but all I got was a drippy sloppy mess!  It was so sad to see all these unappetizing looking cupcakes. L  But I have good friends because they still ate them J  Agatha wouldn’t even let the frosting on her arm go to waste!

But back to the pumpkin carving party…Mia had fun with the other two baby girls - it was so cute to see them interact.  It also felt like a photography studio swapping babies in and out with our pumpkin backdrop.  

Here’s pictures of mine and Doug’s pumpkins from past Halloweens.  We were pretty proud of our first one  where Dougeretta doubled as a wine carrier!  
Three pumpkins are missing from the final picture for this year, but I think they all came out pretty good!
Check back tomorrow for Mia’s first Halloween costume!