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Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY Printable Paper Dolls

After Mia and I had a peaceful breakfast on the balcony on a quiet Saturday morning, I wanted to make use of our non-busy time at home while Doug slept in a little longer. Well, most of the time she "read" me princess stories from my IKEA catalog while I enjoyed my bagel, warm coffee, the unseasonably cool summer breeze and the little person behind this vast imagination.

We made easy DIY paper dolls together thanks to free printables from Mr. Printables. All you need are the printables, scissors, tape and fifteen minutes! Mia likes to dress, undress and change their interchangeable clothes. According to Mia, these girls live in a castle in Evanston while the {royal} ball is in Northbrook. Sounds like we have a future North Shore girl on our hands! She requested boys or other dresses, but there are none. However, there are cute Halloween costumes and winter outfits! We'll definitely be cutting those out for a rainy day activity. 

Normally I would let Mia cut out our paper projects, but the round and small patterns would've been difficult for her three year old hands. Mia had no problem patiently waiting for me to cut and tape each girl and outfit.

They even come with tiaras or bunny ears for their heads.

And it's always a plus when toys can be cleaned up nicely! The paper dolls and outfits easily stack when not in use.

And this little lady insisted that I take her picture as well. 
Check out Mr. Printables for other free kids activities, like this USA map puzzle and alphabet wall art


Holly G said...

Those little paper dolls are so cute! My daughter would love them!

I am actually an old follower of yours, but I used to have a different blog. I now have a brand new blog: Desert Momma I'd be so grateful if you'd come over to follow me to help me get started blogging again!

Thank you so much!

Sophie's World said...

These are so cute! Perfect for a Chinese food container doll house!