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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cantigny Park Family Portraits

I recently spent a summer afternoon with my friend and her family for portraits at Cantigny Park in Wheaton. With her dad's recent milestone birthday and brother being in town, it was the perfect time for her mom to round up all the kids, spouses and grandkids for good ol' family photos.
 Drew and Jack did just as well this time as they did at their session two years ago.

 At ten years old, we're already talking about girlfriends and looking forward to driving. Man!

 Maya and Jenelle are definitely not new to the blog! Maya and my daughter, Mia are 3.5 years old. Which is when I met Andrea (Maya's mom). Thinking about our future as a family and where we want to live and where Mia should go to school is a daunting task. If we want Mia to have lifelong friends like Doug and I did (7 out of 10 of our bridal party was from grade school!), we need to decide on our forever home soon! Does that stress anyone else out? Every decision you make as a parent affects your child. This seems obvious, but no less important every time I think about where our choices will take us in life...


Christine Trevino said...

Love these pics. They turned out awesome! Can't wait for you to do ours! :)