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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

20 Birthday Questions

My baby girl turned three recently and here's what she had to say when I asked her 20 questions on her birthday. I hope to do this every year to see how her answers change.

This little girl is full of personality where Doug and I can both see so much of ourselves in her. Already. At age three! We live for her big cheeky smiles, she amazes us every day with how much she knows/remembers and we couldn't be happier with our little family.

Princess ballerina birthday party pictures to come soon!


Nelly @ I Can Dabble said...

Hehehe ... I love #16 ... you have taught both well! :)

This is a great idea (Pinning), I will be definitely doing this for Nate's 5th bday!

Christine said...

Love this! We really need to do this with the boys. Thanks for teh good reminder :)

Sarah said...

Happy birthday Mia! What a great idea, I need to remember this for Syd's next birthday!

Kira said...

Hi nice reading yoour blog