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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surprise! Will You Marry Me?

So remember how I told you that last Friday was a photography first for me? Well…..I photographed a surprise marriage proposal! No, this was not an engagement session.  And yes, most proposals are surprises. But this was literally the moment the couple got engaged! In front of 30 of their closest friends and family! My friend rented out an entire restaurant to ask his girlfriend of 8 ½ years to marry him.

Although it may have taken a long time, multiple you tube videos and a friend's help, the birthday boy {yes it was also his birthday the next day!} successfully rocked his bow tie. How cute is his sign?
Natalia arrived at Jam in Logan Square thinking it was a girls' night out. When she walked into the intimate restaurant, she didn't say a word and was a little confused.

With friends and family lighting the way with candles {The Office style}, there was her man waiting for her....

After scanning the candlelit faces and finally seeing Rainier, she realized what was going on as he approached her on bended knee. I was caught up in the moment as well, but I'm pretty sure she said, "Oh my god are you for real?!! Yes...Yes...YES!

Already a beautiful blushing bride...

He successfully pulled off the surprise engagement!

A toast to friends and family for taking part in this special moment...

Showing her mama the bling!

Itty bitty girl is only a size 3 for her ring!

It was such an honor to document this sweet milestone!

Congrats you two


Christine @ grateful for a coffee break said...

This is absolutely the SWEETEST! She's going to make a beautiful bride!