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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kentucky Derby - What to Wear??

My friend is going to Arlington Park this weekend for the Kentucky Derby. And just like always, she came to me for ideas on how to whip up a random outfit. Not that I've been to the Derby or anything. But crafty lil mama can always figure something out! And I love playing dress up with Marian!

Now we {including Daisy sitting there like a good dog should} need your help! We worked with what we had, but which outfit should my friend wear in true Kentucy Derby Fashion? Please vote by leaving a comment, 1, 2 or 3! Now that I see these side by side, I vote #1! Probably because I love red. And the silhouette of the dress and belt is so flattering! Ok and I love the shoes, which I have yet to wear! What do you think?

**We should've photographed her with white wedges in #3, boo!**

 And this mini me had a lesson on how to pose people for photographs, despite being past her bedtime!
Have a great weekend!
Hopefully Marian will win some money like I did, betting on horses' names.
Bow Tie Pasta won me $50 my first time at the track!


Anonymous said...

3. Although 1 is the best of the 3 choices you must think of the event. The Kentucky derby standard garb is colorful...with hats. Especially coming into early spring, something bright and loud should be worn to an outdoor event. Can you match shoes like in 1 with outfit number 3? ..anyways...#justsaying

Tracy said...

3. Definitely 3!

Laney said...

Outfit 3 w/ #1 shoes. Cute!

PandaBelle said...

I actually like #1!

Sarah said...

I vote #3! Love the color and fit!

Agatha said...

I say 3 - definitely go for the fun color!