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Monday, January 9, 2012

P52 {1} - Resolution

Unlike most bloggers, I didn't look back at 2011, pick my favorite posts/projects (just pictures of Mia), reflect on the past year, nor write out resolutions for the next. Not that I didn't want to. Unfortunately, I just never sat down and took the time to do it (off to a great start, huh!?).

However, I plan to participate in Project 52 at my3boybarians and Project 12 at mcp actions. And by participate, I mean actually thinking about the photography challenges and really pushing myself to execute all of them.

Here's to week/month 1 - resolution.
Let's see if I can get the past three years worth of photos into albums, yikes. Just like getting my craft closet organized, sorting thousands of pictures into physical albums is a daunting task that I continually put off.  

I always gave my Mom a hard time for having my childhood photos in plastic bins in the basement. "Why is it so hard to sort and put them in albums? Ugh {eyeroll}" On more than one occasion, I'm realizing why my Mom didn't do things the way I thought she should've. Because it's not. that. easy. Just another lesson learned when you get older/have kids. Sorry, Mom!
Here's to a new year!

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Julie Ball said...

LOL! Don't feel bad... we've all got a mess of SOMETHING in boxes somewhere! At least photos can be fun to go through! (Unlike, say, bills... yuck!)

Christine Trevino said...

Love the photo. And that's what it normally looks like underneath that desk we have closed in the basement!!

Debra said...

I really like that photo. Hey; even if you only sort one envelope of photos, that's more than none right? ;)