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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

P52 - {2} Made With Love

After seeing this week's Project 52 prompt, I knew that I wanted to photograph the baby blankies knitted/crocheted by my Grandma. I think every one of my Grandma's great grandkids, all six of them, has one or two blankies. Before I knew when I'd have kids, I was afraid that my Grandma wouldn't be around to make my babies their blankies, considering she'd be nearing 90 years old by then. But lucky for me, I had Mia shortly after I got married and Grandma was still healthy enough (at 87!) to whip up some beloved blankies.

She even gave me a blue one for my future boy. Not that I'm pregnant! Just that she knew she wouldn't be able to make one when the time does come (a few years from now!). I get most of my crafty genes from my Grandma and hope that my kids will treasure these blankies as much I we do!

Kap kuhn ka ya-tuat! My smart little Thai baby.

I'm so glad we're having an impromptu family reunion this week where all of Grandma's kids (5), grandkids (6) and great grandkids (6) can spend time together - for the first time! The baby cousins weren't born/conceived yet when we got together for Grandma's 85th birthday. I'm ready for lots of good food, late night card games where the adults try to take our money {Rummy!}, and mini cousins running around!

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Doug said...

awesome pictures!!!

Bishty said...

What lovely blankets - so much work! They really are things to treasure.

Greenmama said...

I LOVE handmade baby blankets! I still have all mine from when I was a baby, and my MIL made some for my daughter, which I will keep for her for when she gets older. Also, your daughter is so adorable! What a cutie pie!

mvgumiran said...

i loved those pictures.and blankets! and this made me tear up. i'm such a sap!

Sarah said...

What beautiful blankets!