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Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Night Gorilla

Now that we're almost done recreating Good Night Chicago, we're going to do the same with Good Night Gorilla! Ok not really. But we could if we wanted to, thanks to ZooLights at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

We tried taking Mia after she saw Goodnight Moon - the Musical, but she fell asleep in the car. We tried again on Christmas Eve's Eve and she fell asleep in the car again! But since it's been a warm December and we found parking, we went anyway.

It was better than I expected! Even though half the zoo is closed off (you don't want to walk around the whole zoo when it's cold anyway), we were able to see some animals sleeping! So silly how the big gorillas had little blankies to sleep on.
Good night, Gorilla.
Even the tiger slept on his back.
Good night, Giraffe. Good night, Tiger.

They also had lights set to music (like Bellagio's dancing fountains).

And the ice sculpting was pretty cool too!

It was a fun FREE family outing for the holidays. We didn't even make it through the other half of the zoo in the one hour we were there, so we'll have to check it out again next year. Lincoln Park's ZooLights are open daily 5-9pm through January 1, so you can still see the sleeping animals for yourself!

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Tina´s PicStory said...

lovely pics. i really like the elephant :)

Daogreer Earth Works said...

I love the tired tiger!

Kmcblackburn said...

I love that little face peaking out from the stroller covers. Adorable.


Jaymi said...

these shots are all so beautiful! great job capturing holiday lights!

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots! I love the detail and light in the last one. Thank you for sharing!

Christine Trevino said...

So cool . . . maybe we will brave the cold with both boys next year :)

Penny Davila said...

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