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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Goodnight Moon - The Musical

This weekend we took Mia to see her first musical, Goodnight Moon! Mia's never sat down through an entire tv show or movie (she usually tells us to turn the tv off!), so I wasn't sure how sitting through a musical would be. She sat through the circus just fine. But there was a LOT going on to keep anyone's attention.

Since seating for the show at the Biograph Theater is first come, first serve, we had no problem getting very close seats. It's a small stage, so any seat would've been good anyway. A few minutes in, I thought it was going to be really weird or cheesy and how can they possibly turn a five minute book into a one hour musical?!?

But turns out, we all enjoyed it! It was really silly, fun and creative while incorporating all aspects of the book. Mia did say "Let's go home." a few times in the beginning, but I think she was just scared at first of everything happening on stage. Not long after, she understood what was going on and watched intently and clapped along. To my surprise, there weren't many screaming children like I thought there might be. They extended the show through December 31st , so you can still check it out!

Then we ate at Del Seoul (mMmmM) and tried taking Mia to see Zoo Lights, but she fell asleep in the car! Maybe next time!


Christine Trevino said...

So so fun! So glad you guys had fun!!