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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Bokeh

I finally sat down and went through 300 pictures of my holiday décor. Yes. 300! And my condo is not that big! But, the only way to get better at photography is to practice practice practice. Let’s start the holiday décor posts with some more custom shaped bokeh, shall we? 

Three different sized heart shaped bokeh, all with the same heart cutout. More details on the how-to here. I changed the distance between me and the tree/subject or the distance between the subject and the tree. Play around with it! 
{1} In the winter, I love my cozy DIY sweater pillows leftover from last year's Winter Onederland party.
{2} This little Santa is a keeper from my parents' stash of holiday decor that we tossed after 30+ years.
{3} Mia's slippers are soooooooo soft! They're from Nordstrom. Now if only she'd wear them more!

This little tree holds lots of love. © See little tree with regular bokeh here

Even my ornaments {at the top} turned into heart shaped bokeh because they reflected light off my lamp!
The bottom set of hearts are from the lighted garland on my balcony. Kinda reminds me of Valentine's day.

More holiday decoration posts to come!

Thanks for the feature Jaymi! Linking up again:
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 I may be late to the linky parties, being the 750th link and all...but better late than never!
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Christina Klas said...

Lovin' the bokeh! I'm still working on the whole "bokeh shapes" thing... :)

Jaymi said...

these are all adorable! I've yet to try bokeh shapes this year, I think you just inspired me to do it!

Christine Trevino said...

Mindy you are so incredibly talented. These are gorgeous pictures! you did a fantastic job!!

DrunkOnShoes said...

sooooo kewl!

Light Trigger said...

great bokeh photos...i've been trying to do some of these shaped bokeh...but so far...I still working on it!

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