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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Party Ideas: Star Wars Birthday

Danielle from All Things Creative has two boys and now a little baby girl! She truly is a wonder mom who does it all from designing invitations, making numbered t-shirts, cranking out batch after batch of cake pops and if there were more time in a day, she’d be a photographer too!

Not only can Dani take on all these creative endeavors while at home with two boys, but she was also dealt a wild card in 2010 that changed her family’s life. Anyone with a child or who knows someone with a child MUST READ about Retinoblastoma, a life threatening cancer within the eye usually discovered in babies between the ages of 6 and 24 months. It touches my heart every time I read about B’s fight with cancer and the amazing strength that Dani and her family have to B strong. Go on - read about it now. I’ll wait.

Mmmmk now that you know about little B, I want to share his big brother's Star Wars 4th Birthday Party with you. Knowing how I also love all things creative, Dani asked me for some Star Wars party ideas and this is the pinterest board I threw together for her.

Despite being very pregnant and emotionally spent, Dani whipped up plenty of creative details in just a few days to make the party special for her little man. {light sabers from pool noodles, napkins and chocolate covered pretzels}

Parties don’t always have to be a big expensive ordeal. It’s the thoughtful little elements that make a big impact. And the little details make the littlest ones happy, which is all that matters, right? J