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Friday, September 9, 2011

Queen Bee Market

I met Lori at breakfast one day who said she had the same earrings as me from etsy shop Pretties by Meg. Lori also ended up in one of my sessions later. Since the afternoon sessions didn't particularly interest me, I asked her if she wanted to hit up the Queen Bee Market (assuming she liked crafty goodness from her earlier comment on our earrings). Talking with Lori and taking in all the eye candy was way better than sitting through a session that I wasn’t interested in (see tip #5).
The Queen Bee Market is one of the blogosphere’s most talked-about handmade boutique fairs. I loved all the beautifully set up “booths” and the creative ways to display their handmade goodies. 
Little Penelope Lane has a touching story of how the shop began. Read about it here.
There were ruffles, rosettes, earrings, headbands, buntings and stationary galore!
Aren't the pillows such a cute and comfortable learning tool to have in a child's room?
I ended up getting earrings from esty shop Crystal B and Flawed Perfection Jewelry and a little backpack for Mia from Marine Parents - the shop. Mia loves carrying her "pak-ah" around J
 And that wraps up my wonderful 2.5 days in San Diego at BlogHer, talking to an array of women bloggers, all because of PaperCulture! Thanks for supporting my creative endeavors honey © and all you readers!  


Anonymous said...

It looks like etsy come to life. Looks like fun!! I hope you enjoyed your trip. Great finds.

meganluvsjewels said...

Thanks for purchasing a pair of my earrings! I love seeing who my customers are. Enjoy the earrings!!!

The Nomadic Bookworm said...

Sorry for being so slow in making it over! I love all your recaps on BlogHer! Your pictures came out great from the Queen Bee Market! I'm so glad that Mia loves her backpack! She's so cute with it on!! :-)

the Queen Bee Market said...

LOVE this post!! Thank you so much for highlighting our Market. We're so glad you were able to sneak away from BlogHer for a minute to shop. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing! xo