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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ribfest and Swimming

Looks like with all the summer happenings I’ve been starting off the weeks with a weekend recap.  Last weekend included Ribfest and Mia’s first swim class. Oddly (since I’m a meat and potatoes girl), Mia doesn’t care for meat. But she did enjoy the sweet potato “fries” from Black Rock Pub & Kitchen. And because we all love a same-time-last-year picture for comparison, here's Mia at Ribfest last year and this year J 
I had a taste for thick cut sweet potato fries, but instead got this take out container full of shoe strings, wah wah. Oh well, at least Mia found something to eat. Of course our fave was Smoke Daddy.  What was your favorite? I hate not recognizing most of the vendors there and then I don’t know which ones to try!

When we got Mia dressed for swim class on Sunday, she didn’t want to put clothes on over her bathing suit! She just twirled around and around by the mirror saying “awwww” at how cute she was J Mia and Daddy enjoyed 30 minutes in the water, not noticing all the other screaming babies and then Mia knocked out on the walk home J
A very special baby boy has his 100 day celebration this weekend, so I hope to have some crafts for you this week! I better, considering I spent an hour and $50 at Joann's on Saturday...


Doug said...

Weeeeeeeee swimming classes are fun!!! :D