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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Lakefront Madness

**Warning: This is a mommy post involving baby poop**
How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you have a BBQ or enjoy the beautiful weather? We planned on going to the lakefront to take in the 90° sunshine (just like thousands of other Chicagoans) but it didn’t turn out to be a relaxing trip at all!

We drove down towards the lake, which should be like 10 minutes, but it turned out we were in the car for AN HOUR! There were droves of people migrating towards the lake and a ridiculous amount of cars lined up for blocks on Lake Shore Drive to exit at the popular spots (Belmont, Diversey, Fullerton, Montrose, etc). We decided to exit at Wilson (maybe?) and parked in a pretty big lot.

Mia felt wet as I got her out of her car seat, so I turned her over to check out if she leaked some pee…and there was chunky corn poo all over her legs, me and the car seat! I literally had to pick corn poop off my hands and feet! I freaked out for Doug to hurry back from the pay box to clean up this mess of a situation on our hands (literally). Even with a plastic bag, clorox wipes, sanitizing wipes and baby wipes, I felt like there was still poo on us. I was seriously traumatized even at home when cleaning the sh*t from her clothes in the sink. Like gagging. Blech! Clearly this was my first big poopy mishap.

Ok, back to the lake...Now that we were all cleaned up (ALWAYS have an extra outfit with you mommas!), it was time to relax at the lakefront. We walk towards the water, which we can’t really see from the parking lot…and we’re at a flippin’ doggie beach! Doug and I are not pet people. We were not happy.
We walked further away from the beach towards the rocks/grass to plant our blankie down and accept that this day was not how we envisioned lol. We took in the sun for a bit, packed up, grabbed some sorbet, and went home to wash up.
Lesson learned: We are taking the bus from now on! I mean, I love lakefront days and last year’s trips were nothing like this. And we're usually lucky with parking at our usual spots. Yes, I know, the madness was because it was the first nice day of the year + a holiday, but still. Let's hope the rest of the summer isn’t as disastrous as this year’s first trip!


Agatha said...

I'd have to say that most times I drive to the beach on a hot weekend day is a big cluster**** - too much traffic, not enough parking. That's why I never drive there anymore!

You should get a baby seat for your bikes and bike there!

stinertrev said...

that is awesome :) the poop stories just get better i promise :)

mvgumiran said...

i got stuck behind a memorial day parade on monday and literally sat in traffic at diversey and clark for 45 min. ughhhhhhh cutie hat though. :)