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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel & Cirque Shanghai

As I recently mentioned, weekends without a wedding or family photo session doesn't happen very often so we make the most of it when I am free. Whenever we go to the lakefront, Mia can see Navy Pier's Ferris Wheel in the distance and always asks to go on it. With Cirque Shanghai's tickets being so cheap {well, not so much after all the fees!}, we decided to spend a summer afternoon at Chicago's #1 tourist attraction - Navy Pier.

Cirque Shanghai is a show for all ages with performances by Chinese acrobats that takes place under the canopied, open-air theater at Navy Pier. Any seat would be a good one and we were able to sit in the second row. However, even though we were so close to the action, Mia was ready to leave the one hour show so she could ride the Ferris wheel. 

The line for the $6/per person Ferris Wheel ride moved quickly and we were able to soak up Chicago's unrivaled skyline for a breezy seven minutes.There's an aerial view of Olive Park - a very popular spot to get the skyline for wedding photos!

To wrap up our day out, we had an early dinner at Piccolo Sogno Due. Mia is very well behaved, so we take her out to restaurants with us nearly all the time, even nice ones. However, this is the one time where I had to tell her to keep her {normal} voice down because the restaurant was uncomfortably quiet. The food was good with a beautiful ambiance, but it could've been a bit livelier.

Glad we can check Navy Pier and the Ferris Wheel off our/Mia's city bucket list!