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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BurgerFest 2013

Last weekend was one my favorite street festivals in Chicago - Burgerfest! Being in it's fourth year, the turnout is getting better and better. To my surprise, the line to get in on Saturday evening was down the block! 

By 9am, I blended up pitchers of frozen strawberry margaritas and pina coladas while the fridge was stocked with cold beer and water. By noon, we picked out our spot under a shady tree and posted up our chairs until 7pm when it started to get crowded. Between Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner and Sunday dinner, Doug and I managed to hit up 9 of the 14 vendors for a total of 12 different sliders/burgers!! 
There were solid offerings that were the same as last year: Butcher & The Burger's bison burger and other one where they don't melt the cheese enough, two sliders from Cortland's Garage {pictured above}, two sliders from Goose Island, Rockit, Select Cut, and Mrs. Murphy's (not very memorable). 

My favorites this year were the spicy chorizo slider from Hamburger Mary's with pico de gallo {their tatertots and fried cheese curds are good too!}, Stanley's burger with special sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion and the two offerings from Square Bar & Grill. One was topped with cajun sauce and sausage and the other one - the Belmont - consisted of two full sized patties, peanut butter, bacon, plaintains and cheese. Totally weird sounding, but it worked!

Our favorite cover bands were A Thousand Julys for current hits and jams from the 90s and Wedding Banned closing out the fest with all the songs we loved when slamming T-bombs at Brother's.

Traditions like these make us not want to leave the city!