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Friday, June 28, 2013

June Instagram Highlights

Remember back in December, I finally hopped on the Instagram bandwagon? Since then, I've been doing Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day challenge (#fmsphotoaday). For each day's prompt, Chantelle features four photos that catch her attention. Yesterday, my "empty" photo (top left) made the cut!

Here's a few of my favorite June photo-a-days:
 06.08.2013 animal - Daisy talking to Daddy

 06.09.2013 from down low - Doug's best friend gets married!
06.10.2013 you - and the entire city has Blackhawks fever! 2013 Stanley Cup Champions!

06.16.2013 family - love love love my parents' backyard, the hammock I've been using for 30 years and the new swing Grandpa made for hours of fun

06.21.2013 lunchtime - in the loop

6.22.2013 enjoying life - down at the lakefront, a little family tradition

06.27.13 into the sun - after a quick summer shower, the daunting clouds disappeared and the sun shone down in full force. My flowers love it!

 Are you on Instagram? You can follow me at I'm shooting a downtown wedding on Saturday and Baby Joey on Sunday. What's on your agenda??


Sarah said...

Just found you on IG! I use Instagram WAY more than I blog these days! :)