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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Great Gatsby 1920s Themed 30th Birthday Party

Despite coping with the fact that she's turned 30, my friend celebrated by renting a loft in the West Loop for a Great Gatsby 1920s themed party! {Un}fortunately, I knew I'd be having my fair share of wine and didn't bring my real camera to document the glam details - which explains the low quality phone pictures...

I'm all about details from the start to finish and Agatha accomplished just that as I arrived at the front of the building. After checking out a few lofts, the one she chose was perfect with a 1920s feel right from the entrance.

1920s style flair filled the rented space thanks to HomeGoods, Dollar Store and Party City decor.
Agatha even rented real glasses {we're getting classy at 30!} and set out recipes with the appropriate booze to make Gatsby style cocktails.

Since I was busy with Mia's party the weeks prior, I didn't give much thought to what I was going to wear. Luckily I was able to zip still fit in my lace and fringed bachelorette party dress from four years {pre-baby} ago. To give the look some 20s glam, I accessorized with a glitter headpiece, pearl necklaces, jeweled earrings, and pearl and black beaded bracelets. When there's a chance to dress up for a theme, I go all out and even attempted a 20s inspired hairdo {inspired by this one}.
I'm totally new at taking phone selfies! Ew and I sure could use a manicure!

Agatha's dress {a last minute find from Macy's} was perfect for her Great Gatsby themed party -  complete with sparkle, art deco design, drop waist and muted tone. Frances also found a perfect dress at Forever 21 and Andrea's crafty friend whipped up a DIY sequin headpiece fitting for the occasion.

Nobody told us we were in descending height order!

Way to pull it all together, Agatha! You can read more details from the birthday girl herself or check out her Great Gatsby pinterest board here. I'm the next one to turn 30 and just recently put the invitations in the mail. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more details. Are we the only ones that throw ourselves parties?! Don't judge!


Christine said...

So fun! All you ladies looked BEAUTIFUL!

Michaela said...

So fun! I love getting dressed up like that :)