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Friday, January 18, 2013

Superhero Birthday Party & DIY Capes

Given that Elijah and Noah were superheros for Halloween, it's no surprise that a Batman/Superhero party was all one little boy wanted. Christine easily decorated her son's 4th birthday party for less than $20.

One tip I give when providing party plans is to shop your house. Christine perfectly used this tip where 90% of her decor consisted of the boys' superhero toys that are normally strewn about the house. When perfectly lined up and staggered with old fashioned paper bricks, they make quite an impact!

Christine used $1 reusable shopping bags to hide the bookshelves. Great, smart find! And functional after the party? Even better!

Christine put together super simple giveaways that pleased the 1-4 year olds (and parents because it wasn't useless crap) while doubling as decor.
For more details about Christine's superhero party decor and toddler party games/activities, check out her posts here and here.

When we received Christine's invitation, I told Mia I'd make her a cape to be a superhero. To which she replied, "No I dress like a princess." Despite topping off Belvedere and champagne bottle service for a 30th birthday the night before, this mama was determined to DIY three superhero princess capes the morning before the party.  

I barely made it, but I did it! Three no-sew DIY girly superhero capes. To make the purple ones, all I did was cut a rectangle from fabric with pinking shears (so it doesn't fray) and cut two slits in the corner where I could string ribbon in the front to tie the cape shut. To add some more bling to Mia's princess cape, she used a large hair clip through the slits as a closure instead of ribbon. The stars on the back are cut from felt and glued on. Easy. Peasy. FREE - my fave.

Another party planning tip I give moms is to think outside the box. For the pink cape....well that was crafted from an old tank top of mine...
I didn't do a thing to it! Didn't even cut it! Nada. Nothing. I just turned it inside out so the satin/shiny side was out and glued the star on. It's a good thing I don't throw anything away with hopes it can be used for some craft eventually!

Happy birthday Elijah, we had fun at our first dress up party! And we definitely enjoyed 3 slices of this cake the next day.

Have a great weekend! I'll be spending the morning with another newborn baby boy and the evening at our last holiday party. I'm bringing stuffed mushrooms and pizza puffs. What're you up to?? Bundle up because it's about to be 15 degrees in Chicago!!

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christine @ grateful for a coffee break said...

Thanks for posting about the party! I ALWAYS love your take on things :). And of course your pictures are the best!