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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Buffalo Wing Recipe

With football season inching closer, why not get started on some tailgate food? How about tasty buffalo wings? 

My momma taught me how to make these and I tweaked it a bit. Here's what you'll need:
Serves: 2-3 people (approximately 24 pieces)
Time: 1 hour
2 packages of chicken drumettes (or wings)
Salt, pepper and cayenne
Oil for frying
Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Optional: Paprika and garlic powder

1. Rinse and pat chicken dry. Season both sides with salt, pepper and cayenne.
2. Mix ¼ tsp paprika, ¼ tsp garlic powder and ½  tsp cayenne into 1 cup of flour.
3. On medium high heat, heat oil (enough to cover the bottom of your pan plus the depth of half a chicken wing, about ½  inch to 1 inch).
4. Dredge (cover) each chicken wing in flour mixture and tap to shake off excess.
5. Once oil is hot, place a batch of wings into oil and fry for 6 minutes. I worked with batches of 6 wings at a time in a standard size frying pan.
6. Flip wings and fry for another 6 minutes. If they are still bloody or not quite brown, give it another minute or two and flip again if necessary.
7. Remove wings from oil, letting excess oil drip off and place into an empty small pot/bowl. Shake enough dashes of hot sauce to partially cover wings and toss. I am terrible with tossing and have not mastered the wrist flick. One wing always jumps out of the pot!
8. Pile on a plate, repeat steps 5-7 and dig in for some finger licking good wings! If they aren't spicy enough, add more hot sauce in step 7.
9. Keep toddler occupied by ignoring the huge mess she is making. As long as she's quiet, happy and out of the oil splattering kitchen, I'm ok with it!
10. Serve with rice if you're asian. Or ranch and celery works too J
How do you make your buffalo wings?


Andrea said...

So yummy! I have been looking for a recipe for buffalo wings! Thanks for sharing. Found your blog from the link up at Hi! Sugarplum and now following you.

Nelly @ I Can Dabble said...

"Serve with rice if you're asian" I totally laughed out loud at that comment! Wings look delish! I'll have to try this weekend!! Thanks for sharing!!

"Franks Red Hot Sauce.. I put that ish on everything!"

Unknown said...

Just made these for my hubby and he LOVES it!