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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photography Tip: Distracting Backgrounds

I'm continually learning and am no expert by any means. But some recent pictures I took stand out and naturally demonstrate a basic photography tip for you:
Be aware of what’s in the background of your frame and minimize the distractions. 
This is just one of the many things to think about when you’re trying to capture a moment….while getting all the other technical photography things right at the same time. *sigh* Here are some examples of distracting backgrounds, starting with the most extreme…{Let's ignore all the other things that are technically imperfect and focus on the backgrounds please. Thanks J}

Agatha proudly showing off her masterpiece! Or this lady’s booty?!
Should...wait for the distraction to pass or move subject.

Mia playing in the water at the park – fun! Big dude scratching his armpit – not so much.
Should’ve…walked around to face subject more, and big dude would’ve been out of my shot. But instead, I had to crop him out in post processing. Which kind of brings me to my next point...

I find this happens a lot when trying to get down at a toddler’s level – crotches! Unattractive!
Should…get closer (“crop tighter”), move around so only the subject is in the frame, and/or change the orientation.

Mia and I enjoying an afternoon down by the lake *aaah* Along with those sweaty shirtless guys! *ewww*

Should’ve…Since Doug was trying (or just got lucky) to capture Mia's smile, he couldn't have waited for the distractions to pass. But he could've came closer to crop tighter. I didn't take the picture, so I had to fix it afterwards. Don't get into this habit though! Get it right in the camera!

Mia hanging out at Ravinia….along with someone’s butt.
Should…wait for the distraction to pass and move closer to subject to crop tighter.

This is more subtle but still bugs me…that remote is taking away from my precious sleeping nephew.
Should...remove the distraction. Easy enough when your subject is sleeping hehe. 

So what do you think? Weren't those distractions taking away from the photograph? Will you be more aware of what’s in the background of your photos now? I bet you will J


stinertrev said...

Fantastic post! Very insightful!

mvgumiran said...

this made me laugh lots, and i love your pictures!

Mindy Harris said...

awesome post!! i am so picky about pics i put on my blog but i know i flub up with distractions in the background, too.
also, my name is mindy, too. hello!

Lili said...

LOL, awesome post! i love cropping too ~ makes my photos look more "prfessional" LOL