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About Me

a {day}...You'll hear about all the creative things I'm passionate, DIY projects, parties, photography and life with my 3 year old daughter.
lil mama...what my mom called when I told her I was pregnant.
mama stuart…what my friends called me because of my motherly and crafty Martha Stewart tendencies. 

I love all things creative and it’s the little details that get me as excited as a little kid hearing the ice cream truck on a hot summer day.   I was first introduced to the bloggy world with my wedding (where I did plenty of DIY of course) and then while pregnant with Mia.

That’s when I realized that there are a TON of people out there just like me!
Who hoard scraps and save everything because it will come in handy for some project (that we haven’t though of yet)….
Who look at things and say I can totally make that (for cheaper)…
Who constantly have a million ideas running through their heads without enough time in a day to get them done....
Who get so excited to show off their latest DIY project, how they made it and for how much money they saved.

If you spend a day few minutes with me, I want you to walk away with something…a new idea, a new etsy shop, a new place to visit, a new place to eat, a smile on your face from seeing my baby, or the most flattering of all…to be inspired.

I keep this fortune cookie near and dear to my heart: “You can combine practicality, charm, and perseverance with a creative touch.” I hope to keep cooking, crafting, planning parties and shooting despite my full time job and master’s degree in accounting – snore. Even if it means between 9pm and 2am I'm crafting on my closet floor or editing photos from the couch.

Do email me at mindysukan{at}gmail{dot}com to say hi, inquire about a party plan or photo shoot, or questions on any of my resources or projects!