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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Party Ideas: Easter Egg Decorating Brunch

Back in March, my friend who lives in DC (the one who threw the super fun Top Chef Potluck Challenge Party) asked me if I had any ideas for her Boozy Easter Egg Decorating Brunch.  After I sent her a bazillion emails with ideas throughout the month, here’s how her party turned out….
I mean seriously, I wish she threw these kinda parties in Chicago! She told me she didn’t have a lot of time to craft and that she didn’t take a lot of pictures. Um lies! On both points! Didn’t she do a fabulous job? It’s no wonder her friends want to hire her as a party planner J And she doesn’t even have a Michael’s/craft store within 20 miles people!

Decorating Details (as told by the hostess):
  Egg filled vases - with green grass on the bottom
  Basket “vases” - filled with tulips (idea from Martha)
  Egg decorating station - was a hit!  We all reverted to our 10 year old selves.
  Favor/Cupcake table - Next to the cupcake stand, I placed egg crates so people could take the eggs they decorated home.  I used clear 6-egg egg crates, added pastel color adhesive paper to make labels, and topped the labels with floral stickers.  I also placed the jelly bean tin party favors here.
  Champagne Punch - I put Easter eggs under the base of my beverage dispenser and added pink bunny ribbon to the top of the base.  The punch included champagne, St. Germain liqueur, frozen raspberry lemonade, ginger ale, and fresh fruit.The champagne glasses had hot pink and teal bunnies tied to the stem of the glasses and were served on a white serving tray with a neon green middle. 
  Other Drinks - I also served champagne, raspberry lambic, and peach lambic. (Mindy here - These are beers. And who wouldn’t want to attend this brunch with that much Champagne?!? And when I suggested adding tags, she said “But I don’t have access to a printer.” Umm hand writing is an option people! J)
  Hummus Shooters – idea from Modern Moment Designs
  Bagels – served in a basket
  Veggie Dips – served in tiny silver cans from the chiles used in a different dish (removed the labels)

She found most of the ideas on her own and executed them wonderfully. I think people just need me there to talk through ideas and cheer them on to say “You can craft!!” haha. and I like that J


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