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Thursday, April 14, 2011

DIY Baby Tag & Rattle Blocks

I took pictures of our two week old niece last Sunday. But the Thursday before, I just HAD to make some photo props (other than this tutu). At midnight. Well I started at 10pm. And finished at 2am! Dah! I don’t recommend this.  Your eyes will glaze over and quality will be out the door! This definitely wasn’t a perfectly crafted project on my part. But Baby Erin won’t judge me and say, “Auntie, why can’t you cut straight lines and sew perfect squares? And your appliqués and hand stitching are whack!” Right?! L I mean they’re soft squishy baby blocks, who says they need to be perfect!? 
Aaaaaanyway – don’t get me wrong, I’ll be doing this project again despite my poor craftsmanship the first time around. Mainly because Doug said, “Oooh those are cool! But why is your "E" so ugly? And how come Mia doesn’t get any? L”  Here are the details:

$0 – Fabric (used scraps on hand)
$0 – Heat n Bond (optional, for appliqué - used scraps on hand)
$3 – Polyfill stuffing (1 bag, with 40% off coupon)
$1 – Easter eggs (optional, to make them rattle)
$0 – Paper clips (optional, to make them rattle)
$0 – Ribbon (scraps of course)
Total: $4 for 4 blocks - awesome!

Time: 5 hours (for 4 blocks) - yikes.
These blog posts are making me realize how long my projects take! BUT, that won’t stop me from making another set.

Baby Block from Zaaberry
Appliqué from my Baby Tag Pillow/Blankie
Rattle from Samster Mommy - I used an easter egg filled with paper clips.
Ladder Stitch (to close) courtesy of YouTube

Mia loved hugging and squishing them! And Doug liked playing catch. These really are great for babies. Of all ages. I’ll let you know when Mia and Doug's numbered blocks are done J
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Danielle said...

These are adorable! Stopping by from Alexa Blog Hop @ Spearmint Baby!

Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

Wow...those are so pretty!! My son had some like that YEARS ago when he was 1 and loved playing with them....but yours are way prettier!
Thanks for linking! :)

pepper said...

i made some for my baby cousin by hand which definitely take longer but their soo cuteeee:D thanks^.^

Unknown said...

I just made some blocks using your rattle idea! My baby loves hers!