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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Le Colonial

Last weekend my dear Tuesday took me out to a belated birthday dinner at Le Colonial on the Gold Coast.  It is so relaxing to drive alone when there’s gorgeous weather, the sunroof open and radio blasting.  Not to mention how much I love the views of Lake Shore Drive. I’m not around the Gold Coast often, so to be there on a beautiful evening was a nice pick me up. And I found good parking J Which always puts me in a good mood. 

Similar to when we ate at Terzo Piano, we seemed to be the youngest people there. Maybe because it was a Sunday night? Or we just are really old and boring have really developed palettes. Ha I’m kidding. I’m no foodie. I just like to eat good food. And here's my review of Le Colonial...
{image via Le Colonial}
We started with crisp, fried spring rolls of shrimp, pork, & asian mushrooms, with chili lime dipping sauce. We were informed by the waiter to eat it inside a piece of lettuce with mint, cilantro, carrots and cabbage and then dip in the sauce. It was crispy and delicious. But I usually don’t expect to get messy/my hands dirty at a nice restaurant.

Then I had sautéed diced chicken with Japanese eggplant, mango, yams, string beans, & cashew nuts in a yellow curry sauce to satisfy my curry craving. And Tues had grilled salmon over vermicelli noodles, with dill, mesclun greens, & ginger-lime garlic fish sauce which was perfectly cooked. They were both delish. Which was obvious by our clean plates.

We also had two yummy refreshing drinks. Everything on the specialty cocktail list sounded so good. Mine was a Passion Martini, I forget what was in it other than Pomegranate Liqueur, sorry! But it was light, pink, and fruity. The drink and the restaurant itself with its palm trees and big plantation style shutters made me want to be relaxing on a beach.

To finish stuffing our little bellies, we had the crispy banana wonton and chocolate mousse cake with raspberry sauce. And coconut sorbet with a little candle in it J The banana was warm and the wonton was light and crispy, so you can tell it was just made. It was plated with a beautiful chocolate sauce all around. The chocolate mousse cake was very rich, almost like a flourless cake, but the raspberry sauce that was prettily drizzled around the plate made you completely forget how rich the cake was. Yum! Thank you for a wonderful date Tues J If you're thinking about going, I would take into consideration how you feel about expensive Asian food. I personally think it should (usually) be dirt cheap haha.

As I left at 9pm, it was still bustling on the Gold Coast on a Sunday night. I bet everyone wanted to take advantage of the warm weather! You should get out there and get something good to eat this weekend too! If it's not 45 degrees and sleeting. Did I not just post yesterday how it was 60s and 80s?! Chicago for ya...


Praveen said...

Love this place! I need to try the salmon the next time we go there.