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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flames to Jingles

The other day my friends asked me "So what letter is today?" And I was caught off guard that people were actually paying attention to my A-Z challenge! I'm trying to embrace the challenge of photographing subjects that I normally wouldn't and to be creative with the letters. As a result, my images are kinda all over the place! Oh well, it takes time to find one's photography "style" and creativity has no boundaries, right?

I left off with E for Elephant from last week. So here's F through J. I think my best of these are the first and last. What do you think?

F is for Flames

G is for Graffiti

H is for the Human Heart
Spotted at the Museum of Science and Industry (more to come on that soon!)

I is for Insides of a Yellow Honeydew
I was desperate at this point in the night and thought it was an unusual sight.

J is for Jingle Jangles
A friend actually suggested this since nothing was coming to my mind.
*sigh* love love love hearing Mia's bells and seeing those chubby toes! She's worn the Thai anklets (on her second pair now) since she was 1 month old. Speaking of love, have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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Mona's Picturesque said...

Love this shot with little toes ♥ Would like to take a photo like this. In fact I will need to try it :) Thank you for inspiring! ♥

jess@balancing the dream said...

beautiful toe shot!! so sweet!!

Agatha said...

Where did you end up finding the graffiti??

Christine Trevino said...

My FAVORITE is the one of Mia's little legs. That needs to be blown up and framed somewhere :)

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh those little toes are too adorable!